I am David.


Politeness is something you owe other people, because when you show a little courtesy, everything becomes easier and better. But first and foremost it’s something you owe yourself. You are David.
And if you never allow other people to influence what you’re really like, then you’ve something no one can take from you – not even they. Never mind what others are like – you must still be David.

예의, 정중함이란 누구에게든 무엇을 강요하지 않는 것이다.
누구든 그 존재 자체로 그대로 있어야 한다. 나도, 그 사람도.


You must do it yourself, Maria! you must teach yourself all about things. When there’s no one else to do things for you, you have to do them for yourself. You must listen carefully to the people you think are good – your father and mother and the people who teach you things in school. Then you must think over what they say and decide how much of it you feel is right. But you must be careful, because what is right is not always what you want, and if you make a mistake, you regret it afterwards.  

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